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AustrianEC (Austrian Energy Contracting SpA) covers the following areas in Biomass heat plants for industries, local heating, district heating:


  • concept development

  • feasibility study

  • design, planning

  • authorization procedure

  • financing

  • construction, commissioning

  • operation and maintenance


AustrianEC offers its services for new building and plant construction as well as for expanding or modernizing existing plants or buildings. We attend the heat need of any medium to large industrial and commercial facilities, such as:


  • Industrial facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Office buildings

  • Shopping centers and event venues

  • Multipurpose buildings

  • Wellness, healing centers

  • Recreation and swimming pool facilities

  • Residential buildings

  • Public facilities, municipalities


According to your specific needs, AustrianEC offers to design, finance, build and operate your biomass heating plant either as single services or as an integrated overall package within the “energy supply contracting” scheme.

Energy Contracting (or Biomass Plant Contracting)

Under the energy contracting scheme, we are able to design, finance, build and operate your biomass heat plant. Thus, the investment needed is assumed by us and we deliver you heat. By this you can outsource your heat supply to experts, obtain savings compared to operating heat plants based on fossil fuels and you can focus on what you are best in, your business. 

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