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What is Energy Contracting
(or Plant Contracting)?

Energy contracting is a service which strives to make more efficient your energy solutions and allows you to obtain savings without having to finance the respective energy system improvement.

Plant contracting is an energy service that:

  • Provides you with comfort and supply security

  • Relieves you from the burden of organizing, implementing and operating energy plants and is intended to improve the efficiency of your power generation systems and generates savings for you.

How does Energy Contracting work?

The contractor plans, finances, installs, operates and maintains the thermal energy plants in order to supply heat to your industrial facility, building or any other type of installation.


The energy provided can include heat, steam, cooling, compressed air and electricity.


The client provides the necessary space for the biomass plant (boiler room, property). Alternatively, the Contractor can rent a land plot close to the client property.


The owner of the installations does not buy an energy plant, instead, he buys the required energy from the contractor.


The energy plant remains the property of the contractor.


The period, type and scope of the services are established in the energy supply contract.


Invoicing for the energy delivered is done on a monthly basis (different billing models can be agreed, e.g. a base price, a price per kilowatt-hour of energy consumed, etc.).


For AustrianEC, energy contracting is a partnership based on mutual cooperation and trust!

The benefits of Energy Contracting

  • The Contractor assumes the investment and financing of the energy plant. Thereby, you can use your capital and financing sources for your core business/ other purposes.


  • One contact for your entire project (instead of hiring and coordinating different services and supplies to implement the project)


  • Austrian EC uses state-of-the-art technology - efficient plants with minimal conversion losses

  • Renewable and clean energy

  • You benefit from the special know-how of the contractor in the use of biomass


  • Fuel savings, reduction of environmental hazards


  • No organizational or operational responsibility


  • The contractor assumes the financial and technical risk.

  • Guaranteed operational safety; maintenance, repairs commissioning, operation and optimization is carried out by a specialist (the contractor)


  • Modern image for the property, and the property maintains or even increases in value


  • Fast and timely implementation of the project


  • Supply security and increased comfort due to the high reliability levels of the plant



 Biomass Energy Contracting allows you to obtain savings and protect the environment at the same time, without need of own investments.

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