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  • AustrianEC (Austrian Energy Contracting SpA) partners up and supports you in order to implement renewable energy solutions based on biomass, become CO2-neutral and decarbonize your processes, products and services and thereby make a valuable contribution in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our environment.


  • AustrianEC offers to its industrial and commercial clients thermal energy solutions based on biomass (wood chips, pellets, other solid biomass) - for industrial processes, facilities like hotels, hospitals, etc. and (district-) heating networks.


  • AustrianEC uses high end, state of the art Austrian biomass boiler technology and calls upon the vast know-how of one of the world leading regions in biomass systems.


  • AustrianEC applies the highest quality criteria and guidelines for biomass heating plants.


  • Thereby AustrianEC provides energy solutions based on biomass which are efficient, reliable and ecologically as well as economically sustainable.


How we do it?

According to your specific needs, AustrianEC can offer to design, finance, build and operate your biomass heating plant as single services or as an integrated overall package within the Energy Contracting scheme.

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AustrianEC recently implemented a social renewable power project consisting in a 100kW biomass boiler and 6 thermal solar panels to provide heat to the elderly home San José, Pucón, Chile (002).jpg


Av. Apoquindo 4700, p.11, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

                     Phone: +569 37251504

            WhatsApp: +56999698370

           Phone office: +56 225446800

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